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'Tis the Season

It’s December, Thanksgiving has passed and gift giving season has begun. It’s the most magical time of the year… or is it? Looking at social media and flipping through the suggested movies on Hulu, there are a few recurring themes: family, gifts, food, and parties.

For some, this may actually be the best time of year; however, for some, it is not, and that’s ok. This time of year can bring about many feelings from grief and sadness, to anger and depression, to joy and gratitude. Everybody has unique feelings, which is to be expected; however, regardless of those feelings, there are some things that will positively impact your mental health:

  • Move your body: Exercising releases endorphins, one of the chemicals in our brains that help us to feel good or euphoric.

  • Set and keep boundaries: It’s ok to say “no” to invites and/ or change your mind regarding attending an event. If it is going to cost you your peace, then it is not worth it.

  • Engage in self care: Do that thing that makes you feel calm! See below for a list of some things you can do to hack the reward chemicals in your brain.

Whatever you are going through, know that you are not alone.

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