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Pamela Mary

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New Release:

Survivor: Part I is now available in print!

Intended only for mature audiences.

Reader discretion is advised.

Pamela's Appearances

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February 25, 2024
WISHTV Channel 8 News
with Brittany Noble


February 25, 2024
Nimrah Khatoon

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December 2023
Confidence in Christ Podcast with Kala Diane

About Pamela Mary

At the age of seventeen, Pamela journeyed across the state to attend college. She understood the importance and positive effects of physical movement and chose to major in physical education and dance. She continued to be heavily involved in extracurricular activities and was selected as captain of the dance team. She also joined the Alpha Kappa Omega sorority.

It was during Pamela’s collegiate years when, at the age of nineteen, her life took a drastic turn. She experienced horrific violations of her body-both physically and sexually. ​This trauma greatly affected Pamela, and she eventually had to leave college. But she didn't give up on her dreams. 

Sadly, once back in her home city, she encountered additional challenges as she experienced more sexual violence in various forms.


But she pressed forward. 

When Pamela was still nineteen years old, she met and later, at age twenty, married the would-be father of her four children. However, throughout their relationship, she experienced a level of physical, sexual, and psychological abuse that no human being should ever have to endure.

In the midst of the nightmare that she was living, she received her four jewels-her beautiful children. 


After roughly eight years of marriage, with her two young elementary school-aged children and twin toddlers, Pamela knew that she had to get out-to save herself and her children. With the help of her family, Pamela was able to escape with her children.  

After getting away to safety, Pamela was able to continue raising her children and achieved the accomplishment of earning her Bachelor's Degree. She was also able to start working towards her MSW (Master’s in Social Work) with the ongoing assistance of her family, friends, church, and community. 

There continue to remain deep wounds for which healing is still taking place.​ 

As part of her healing journey from all of the abuse and trauma, Pamela began to write again. Her powerful poetry is one of the ways in which she has chosen to share her story.


From her pain has come her first book, entitled Survivor

​Pamela's hope is that through her words, others will know that they are not alone, and there is hope on the other side. 

Pamela Mary is a daughter, sister, mom, and auntie, but most importantly, she is a child of God. 

Pamela is the fifth of thirteen children born to Lee and Elizabeth Boone. She is a native of South Bend, IN, where she excelled in academics and was active in athletics and other extracurricular activities. Pamela was involved in cheerleading, journalism, photography, student counsel, orchestra, dance, and various book clubs. She also participated in her church youth group and youth choir and enjoyed finding time to volunteer.


​Pamela dreamed of one day becoming a wife, mother, and dance therapist. 

Her bubbly personality, kind spirit, and innocence often drew people to her. 


Pamela with her four children: Ellestancia, Elijah, Jazzmone', and Isaiah

About Pamela Mary
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