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What is The Love Project?

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Too often, many look for love in all the wrong places and in the wrong ways. Past traumas have led to certain thought patterns that can be debilitating and damaging. Too many have lost their hope and/or made poor choices because of a perceived lack of love.

The Love Project is designed to spread love and speak life into our people. The power of life and death lies in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21), so we will use our words to encourage, facilitate healing, and represent the One who is LOVE!

Each month, our team creates beautifully hand-crafted cards and includes a message of love and hope. That, along with a link to various resources is distributed to girls and women. The goal is to provide monthly reminders of the love of Christ and encourage girls and women to seek and receive love from the One who is LOVE. 


We are funded through the generous donations of individuals and organizations who believe in the work we are doing. We are currently working on obtaining our 501-C3 status. Yet, the work is too important to wait. 

Our needs

Card Supplies--We use premium, industry-standard supplies to make our cards. We currently purchase our supplies through Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and our Amazon Business account. 

Shipping Supplies--We mail our cards via USPS. Shipping costs include envelopes, stamps, and labels. It costs anywhere from $1.00--$6.00 to mail our cards, depending on the size, weight, and materials used. 

Labor--The Love Project provides jobs for others. Your generous financial donations help us to pay those who make The Love Project possible.  

Ways to Give

Please denote The Love Project when making donations so that it goes to the proper fund. Thank you! 

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Jacque Miller Solutions

1143 E. Ireland Rd. #1104

SB, IN 46614

Jacque Miller Solutions

The Love Project

Checks/Money Orders can be made payable to:

Jacque Miller Solutions

1143 E. Ireland Rd.  #1104

South Bend, IN 46614

Please denote The Love Project in the memo.

Ways To Give
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