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Pictures are how we represent ourselves and our companies. Powerful words are how we connect with our clients and convey our messages."

~Jacque Miller

Specialties: Photography, graphic design, social media management, website development, copywriting, client relations, interpersonal communication


Jacque Miller

Owner and CEO


Rachel Boone

Chief of Staff

Specialties: Organizational management, grant writing, copywriting, schedule management, client correspondence

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Specialties: Tracking cash flow, budget, invoices, bookkeeping, financial health, social media management

Janice Baker

Chief Financial Officer

monica brazier.jpeg

Monica Brazier


Owner of Monica Brazier Photography


"Life is like a camera. What you focus on is what you will develop."

Specialties: Maternity and newborn photography, portraits, events, organizational management, time management, interpersonal communication

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Tre' Marquise


Owner of Dreamstory Films 

"What's your story?"

Specialties: Videography, storytelling, documentaries, interviews, project management

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Nicholas Dennis


Owner of Protunez Media and Sound Management, LLC 

"Let the pros handle it!"

Specialties: Sound technician, phrasing, client management, organizational management, interpersonal communication

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