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Warning: Book contains graphic depictions of the horrific abuse that Pamela experienced. This book is intended only for mature audiences. Reader descretion is advised. 


Pamela Mary has experienced unthinkable physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. As part of her healing journey, Pamela has started sharing what she went through in the form of prose. 


In Pamela's debut publication, she uses poetry to depict the horrors that she suffered, the healing that is taking place, and the hope she now feels. Pamela also shares how there are still rough days, but since her hope is in Christ, she knows that things will continue to get better. 


Pamela hopes to inspire others who have been through challenging situations not to give up. She wants her writing to be a beacon of light in a dark world so that others know they are never alone. 

Survivor: Part I-Surviving Domestic Abuse

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